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The Preggie Wristband is a drug-free and side effect-free way to combat the nausea of morning sickness naturally. The Preggie Wristband is made of an elastic wristband that fits snuggly against your wrist. Within the knitted elastic band is a small stud that applies pressure to your Nei Kuan. The Nei Kuan is an acupressure point that is connected to feelings of nausea. When pressure is applied to this acupressure point, feelings of nausea should subside.

The Preggie Wristband is intended to reduce feelings of nausea and possible vomiting that accompany morning sickness. Follow all the stated directions for best results. The Preggie Wristband is intended to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness related nausea, not to act as a cure. Results may vary in each individual user. The user’s characteristics, environment, and severity of symptoms can affect the results of the Preggie Wristband.

The Preggie Wristband should be cleaned regularly with warm water and detergent. Keep out of reach of children as the Preggie Wristband may be a choking hazard if disassembled.

Place your three middle fingers across the inside of your wrist, at the base of your palm.

Slide your Preggie Wrist Bands down to where your index finger was.

Make sure the nub is in the center, between your wrist tendons.

Repeat on the other wrist. You must wear a band on each wrist for the Preggie Wrist Bands to be effective.

Package contains 2 pairs (set of 4 bands)