Puzzle - City - 36 Pieces

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  • WHEN WEATHER AND TRAVELING ISN'T AN OPTION, VISIT THE CITY INDOORS – Assemble the puzzle to see the city traffic from overhead. Spot the ambulance, recycling truck, ladder track, city bus, construction vehicles and more. Discover t the details of the illustration depicting city life: pedestrians at the crosswalk, a musician on his way to a performance, firemen tending to a fire.
  • DURABLE ADVENTURE JIGSAW THAT IS FUN TO EXPLORE – The colorful city life puzzle and snap-close box is sturdy and can withstand the demands of little hands. Includes a poster of the vehicles in the city scene. 19.5 x 15.6 inches.
  • CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PLAY – Promote the enhancement of fine motor skills, creative memory, task completion, hand-eye coordination, mental speed, patience, and independent play. Puzzles have been shown to reduce anxiety by taxing the brain.
  • LEADING WOODEN AND CARDBOARD TOY BRAND - Janod has a long history of designing award-winning, timeless toys, puzzles, and building sets for families around the world. Instant classics but they always look modern and, above all, are functional. Provides good, clean, screen-free fun.
  • MEETS ALL EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN SAFETY STANDARDS WITH FOCUS ON CRAFTSMANSHIP AND QUALITY - Quality and safety is the most important part of our designs at Janod. Our toys are traditional in concept but “contemporary European” in design and all of our timeless products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship, quality and education.