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3.0 Portable Bottle Warmer Adapter Set

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This portable bottle warmer is designed to provide the ultimate feeding experience for your baby whether you're at home, running errands, or on a remote hike, making feeding your little one a breeze. The sleek, stainless steel, leak-proof design means that parents do not have to transfer milk from the warmer to the bottle while also allowing parents to pick whichever bottle is their favorite. Equipped with advanced smart sensor technology, it ensures that your baby's bottle is always warmed to the ideal temperature, without any risk of overheating or nutritional deterioration. The gentle warmth of the liquid can help to reduce colic symptoms by providing a soothing and calming sensation, relaxing the digestive system, and promoting the production of digestive enzymes. You can be confident that you and your baby will enjoy a comfortable and stress-free feeding experience every time. 

The warmer set includes four of our most popular adapters. These adapters are compatible with Comotomo, MAM, Narrow neck Dr. Brown, and Tommee Tippee bottles, and each of them accommodates multiple bottle brands. To find a comprehensive list of bottles that are compatible with each adapter, please visit our adapter page.

With the safe slow-heat technology, your baby’s bottle will be ready in 3 – 7 minutes

Adjustable temperature function to get it just right for your little one

  • 80F - For when you are trying to get liquids to room temp
  • 98.6F - Ideal for breastfed babies
  • 103F - Made for all other liquids besides breastmilk
  • 110F - Perfect temp to help with reflux

Warms breast milk, formula, water, and more

Sleek, stainless steel, leak-proof design means you can easily carry it in a diaper bag, purse or cup holder

Holds a charge for up to 8-12 hours so you can cut the cord and use the warmer when you’re ready!

This warmer boasts a unique slow heat convection warming technology that ensures precise and even warming of the liquid contents in the bottle. This innovative feature continuously circulates the liquid, preventing the formation of hot spots and avoiding any nutritional deterioration.

Equipped with advanced smart sensor technology that continually monitors the temperature to prevent overheating and ensure that your bottle is always warmed to the ideal temperature.

Direct Fit AVENT, Minbie, Chicco Duo, Kiinde (Must have their adapter kit), Motif Luna, Spectra, Richell, CHU CHU, Combi, HiTo, UPIS, DoubleHeart, Snow Bear, Nip, Bebe, Confort, Bobo, Yo Yo, Monkey, Piyopiyo, Us Baby, Tutu, YANXUA, and most wide neck bottles

Adapter Required Comotomo, Tommee Tippee, Medela, MAM, Nanobébé Wide and Narrow Neck, Boon Nursh, Life Factory, Olababy, Dr. Browns Wide and Narrow Neck, Parents Choice, Haakaa, Evenflo, Playtex Ventaire, Pigeon, and NUK Simply Natural





We recommend wiping warmer down with a breast wipe while using while not at home.

Cannot be placed in the microwave, dishwasher or be submerged in water.

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